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How Is The Max Daily Loss Calculated?

Daily loss limit is calculated based on 5% of the starting balance of each trading day.

This is the Account balance at the close of the daily candle on broker time.

For example, if the account balance is $100,000 and your equity is $101,000 (at the close of the daily candle), then your max daily risk for the following day will be 5% of the starting balance of the day $100,000 = $5000, and the profits on your P/L carried over from the previous trading day will be added to your daily loss limit. in this case, $5000 + $1000 = $6000.

The daily loss limit for this given day would still be $5000, but you’re allowed to lose $1000 more of the floating profits for a total of $6000.

Alternatively, if the account balance is $100,000 and your equity is $99,000 (at the close of the daily candle) then the max daily risk for the following day would be 5% of the starting balance of the day $100,000 = $5000, and the losing positions on your P/L results carried over from the previous trading day will be deducted to your daily loss limit, in this case, $5000 – $1000 = $4000.

The daily loss limit for this given day would still be $5000 initially, but since there’s a carried loss of -$1000 then will be deducted from the daily loss limit, and now a remainder of $4000 is left to lose before the account is flagged as Failed as per the daily loss limit.

What Is The Max Total Loss Also Known As Max Drawdown?

Maximum of 10% loss on the initial starting balance on all our challenges.

For example, on a 100k Challenge, the maximum loss is $10,000. This rule is breached if the account balance or equity drops below $90,000.

How Often Can I Withdraw Performance Fees?

Performance fee withdrawals on alpha pro trader accounts are available fortnightly there is no minimum withdrawal requirement.

Please submit a withdrawal request to Alpha Capital Group on the 14th & 28th of each month.

All withdrawals will be processed and paid within 3 business days.  Performance fee withdrawals will be sent via bank transfer.

We have partnered with Transfer Wise so our traders can benefit from low exchange rate fees when receiving profit withdrawals in their domestic currencies.

What Trading Platform Do You Use?

We use MetaTrader 5.

The award-winning MT5 is known for transparency when providing advanced trading functionality for ultra-fast execution, as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

MT5 is faster and more efficient than MT4, but it doesn't replace the previous platform as it is different and simply offers more than MT4 does. MT5 provides the ability to trade more instruments in almost all financial markets, including forex, indices and commodities.

MT4 was designed for CFD forex instruments, whereas MT5 is an all-in-one state of the art multi-asset trading platform.

What Are The Trading Rules Once I Pass My Challenge?

The trading rules are the same on your live alpha trading account as they are on the challenges.

Depending on the plan you have selected, the same risk parameters will apply for both.

The only rule that changes is the profit target rule....once you are a Pro Trader make as much profit as you can.

 You can trade as much or as little as you like when you are a fully funded Alpha Trader. 

Is There A Legal Agreement For Alpha Accounts With Alpha Capital Group?

Yes, once the trader has passed the evaluation phase, a trader’s agreement between Alpha Capital Group Limited and the trader will be signed prior to receiving the live Alpha trading account.

Please email accounts@alphacapitalgroup.uk for a copy of this agreement.

Is Hedging & Stacking Allowed?

Yes, these are both allowed.

Hedging Is classified as the following: having trades running in both directions on the same instrument.
Stacking is classified as the opening of multiple trades in the same direction at the same price point.

Is Martingale Strategy Allowed?

This strategy is not allowed.
Alpha Capital Group consider Martingale strategies to be the following:

Opening a position in the same direction whilst the first position opened is in drawdown. 
If the consecutive position is opened at an exponent more than 1x we consider this to be martingale strategy. 

For example, if you open a 1 lot buy on GBPUSD, and this position goes into open drawdown, you can open additional buys on GBPUSD as long as the lot size is the SAME or SMALLER, you CANNOT INCREASE the position size..

Once all buys are closed on GBPUSD, you can then open a new first trade on GBPUSD at a position size of your choice unrestricted. 

Are EA's And Copy Trades Allowed?

We will require that you email us before purchasing a challenge to pre approve your Expert Advisor. You can reach us by emailing support@alphacapitalgroup.uk using the subject title EA Pre Approval.

Copy Trades we do not allow copy trading from other groups. We don’t not allow traders to copy other traders’ trades either. No Group copy trading is allowed.

The only copy trading allowed is that from your own external account to your account with Alpha capital group limited.
Any traders found copy trading other traders’ trades will be subject to review and potential breach of agreement, meaning you will lose the funded account.

Taking advantage of unrealistic fills is not allowed and will lead to account failure.

Strategies that are prohibited:

Latency Trading
Arbitrage Trading
High Frequency trading

What Broker Do You Use?

We have launched our own in-house proprietary execution Broker, ACG Markets. Offering our traders:

Institutional trading conditions
Prime of prime liquidity
Ultra low latency
Sub 30ms targeted execution time
All markets quoted with Raw spreads

Which simply means we are saving you time and money. Whilst providing for all our traders the very best execution in the marketplace.


  • Phase 1: 8% target 30 days (minimum 10 trading days)
  • ​Phase 2: 4% target 60 days (minimum 20 trading days)
  • ​Max daily Loss 5%
  • ​Max total loss 10%
  • ​Leverage 1:100
  • ​Max capital growth $1m
  • ​Bi – Weekly withdrawals 14th & 28th
  • ​Hedging & Stacking not allowed
  • ​70% profit split 


  • ​Phase 1: 8% target 30 days (minimum 10 trading days)
  • ​Phase 2: 4% target 60 days (minimum 20 trading days)
  • ​Max daily Loss 5%
  • ​Max total loss 10%
  • ​Leverage 1:200
  • ​Max capital growth $2m
  • ​Bi – Weekly withdrawals 14th & 28th
  • ​Hedging & Stacking allowed
  • ​80% profit split


  • ​Evaluation: 6% target 180 days (minimum 30 trading days)
  • ​Max risk per trade 2%
  • ​Max total loss 8%
  • Leverage 1:10
  • Max capital growth $1m
  • ​Bi – weekly withdrawals 14th & 28th
  • ​​Hedging & Stacking allowed
  • ​55% profit split

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